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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trump's 30 words that rocked the UN

Via Reddit_The Donald, the headline of the day:
UN globalists are on suicide watch after President Trump's speech

Google to unleash Fake News For America

Google is using the tax-exempt Poynter Institute to embed 1,000 of its propagandists into local news organizations.

Calling "emerging journalists," Google will pay half their salary with local "donors" paying another quarter of the salary. The local news organization will only pay one-quarter of Fake News reporters' salaries.

The acid test in France

A reader pointed something out about the four female American college students attacked acid thrown at them by a woman in Marseilles, France.

They were from that part of the country that young, hip, Marxist liberals put down as Jesusland back when Bush 43 was president.

The media's wiretap dancing

The news that the FBI may have used Paul Manafort to spy on a political opponent should have decent Americans up in arms.

President Trump must appointa special prosecutor to investigate the FBI and Barack Obama for what looks to be a Soviet-style abuse of the national government.

The media itself needs to apologize to Trump. He called this in March. They called him crazy. They are fools.

Monday, September 18, 2017

They wiretapped Trump's campaign manager. Maybe

I caution readers. This may be Fake News as it comes from CNN -- the network that gave us urinating hookers.

Putting the Emmys in perspective

So the TV stars all came out last night to give each other Emmy awards. They mocked Donald Trump, and high-fived one another over how good their jokes were.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump prepared to give his speech to the UN on Tuesday as leader of the free world.

What journalists are taught

For more than 30 years, Jay Rosen has taught journalism at New York University. He is an example of what is wrong with a trade that fewer and fewer people trust.

Rosen seethes with hatred for President Trump, and he does not want journalists to "normalize" Trump as president.

"One part detailed chronological account of the 2016 election and three parts wrecking ball"

The 38th Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment" is in. And I love it.

What Hillary didn't say in her book

The headline at Fox News was amusing: "Gregg Jarrett: Hillary gives Americans fifty-six (and counting) incredible reasons why she didn't win."

But Amy Chozick of the New York Times gave Reason No. 57, and it is closer to the truth than anything Hillary may say in her book.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Never Trumper blasts Trump bashers

Cal Thomas -- one of the signers of that ridiculous "Against Trump" issue of National Review -- came out swinging this week.

In defense of President Trump.