Sunday, May 28, 2017

Replies I did not send to tweets

We have provided free health care for the poor since 1965, school lunch since 1945, and school breakfast since 1975.

Make America an Oil Exporter Again

For the past 10 years, the Bush 43 and Obama administrations have refused to fund a small project in Corpus Christi, Texas, that could Make America an Oil Exporter Again -- MAOEA.

For a mere $350 million.

The assault on democracy in the press era

"Democracy dies in darkness" is the motto of the Washington Post -- a newspaper that has thrown shade on democracy ever since the American people had the temerity to elect Donald Trump as president.

Jeff Bezos has sent his flying monkeys hither and yon to write stories about an imaginary Russian collusion with Trump that always fall apart -- throwing shade on democracy.

Obama spied on USA

Barack Obama fundamentally transformed America into a police state.

Or tried.

A failure calls Trump names

This post is not about Hillary's speech at her alma mater. Not worth my time mocking.

No, this is about John Boehner whose brief tenure as Speaker of the House was marked by no significant legislation, and a failure to reach out across the aisle to the Tea Party that made him speaker.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

That white supremacist killer is yours, Democrats

Police in Portland, Oregon -- as blue as territory gets in America -- arrested and charged Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, with the murder of two men who tried to protect two girls from Christian's anti-Muslim rants.

In last year's primary elect, Christian voted for Bernie Sanders, the liberal HuffPost reported

New York magazine body slams ethics

Yashar Ali of New York magazine body slammed journalism on Thursday.

Ali did so in a report on KECI news director Julie Weindel in Montana's refusal to lower the station's standards to air an unverified tape related to the the apparent shoving of a pushy reporter in that state's recent special election.

Washington Post must call to expel Al Franken

The Washington Post wishes to strip Montana of their sole member of the House because he shoved a reporter out of his personal space.

Too damned bad.

Why Twitter suspended a teeny bopper's account

Trump goes Alinsky on Islam

One of Saul's rules for radicals says you should hold an adversary to their standards.

Which brings me to President Trump's message for Ramadan, which began this weekend and ends on June 24 -- Eid al-Fitr, as they call it.