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Monday, September 26, 2016

Tweet of the day

Canadian liberals use Trump to raise money

Canada's Justin Trudeau, the Jeb of the North, is using the rise of Donald Trump to raise money for his political party.

34th Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

Another satisfied customer speaks out.

Graph of the day

Bill Maher dumps on Hillary

Bil Maher still has a TV show 15 years after praising the the bravery of the 9/11 attackers. And the corporate media wonders why we turn to patriotism and rebuke their globalism.

Nine things you need to know about tonight's debate

Televised debates decide presidencies. Not every election, but they do and they will this time. As this election is a referendum on Trump -- masterly engineered by him, by the way -- he only has to win one of the three debates to win the presidency.

Black privilege

Gabrielle Union, 43, an actress worth $12 million (and married to basketball player Dwayne Wade, 34, worth $100 million) wants to talk to Amy Schumer, 35, a comedian worth $1 million, and Kate Upton, 24, worth $20 million, about white privilege.

Given their ages and millionaire status, I would say they all have privilege.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Clinton signs are safe

The quote of the day may be in a story in the Berks-Mont News in Pottstown, Pennsylvania -- "Early vandalism of Trump signs a signal of divisive campaign." Of course the headline blames the victim for Democratic Party vandalism.

"But isn’t that what a debater is supposed to do?"

ABC News anchor/Clinton spokesman George Stephanopoulos had a debate this morning between Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and Clinton's Robby Mook. Obviously Conway one, or else I would not be writing about it. This is a Pro-Trump blog.

Clinton: Goodbye Columbus

A month ago, Clinton road high in Ohio with an outside-the-margin-of-error lead over Trump in the Real Clear Politics average of polls. Nate Silver gave her a 77 percent chance of taking Ohio.

Today, CNN reported Clinton has ceded Ohio to Trump, even though Trump has only inched slightly higher than her in the polls to an average lead of 1.8 points. Silver now gives Trump a 61 percent chance.

Virtue signaling in Dallas

Howard Stern once said of ratings that he always felt bad when his dropped because he had made the job that much harder for the ad salesmen.

I wonder if the editorial board of the Dallas Morning News feels any shame over the albatross it tied around the necks of its advertising and circulation departments by endorsing Hillary -- reversing seventy-five years of credibility as a voice of conservatives.

Is EPA right about carbon dioxide?

As everyone knows, this blog does science the way the Browns play football, nevertheless, a reader sent me a link to:
On the Existence of a "Tropical Hot Spot" & The Validity of EPA’s CO2 Endangerment Finding
Abridged Research Report
Dr. James P. Wallace III
Dr. John R. Christy
Dr. Joseph S. D’Aleo
August 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Trump just rolled the press

So Camp Clinton thought it was clever, and invited Mark Cuban to sit in the front row of Monday's debate. Trump smiled and invited Gennifer Flowers.

Not Monica Lewinsky. Not Paula Jones. Gennifer Flowers. The first two names are familiar to today's twenty-somethings. Not Miss Flowers. So the Hill was forced to explain:
Bill Clinton testified under oath in 1998 that he had a sexual affair with Flowers.
Check and mate.

Never try to out-Trump the man.

Remember when Trump would hurt down ticket?

The one consistency in this election is the eerily long string of wrong predictions from the experts in Washington.

It's dawning on them that this is a referendum on Trump

For the past year, Donald Trump has brushed the most media-savvy president in history aside and dominated the news. When a terrorist kills or attempts to kill, my Twitter fed lights up with media types commenting on Trump's chances and Trump's statement. Never Hillary. Never Obama.

"Mostly true" when Bernie said it, "mostly false" when Trump did

The Social Justice Warriors at PolitiFact are at it again, lying like sacks of fertilizer inside the barn.

The 32nd Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

Readers continue to review "Trump the Press" on Amazon, and as is custom, I re-post them here. J. Alewyn's review is simply amazing.

I noticed a few things about the people who call me a Nazi

When they call Trump Hitler, they are calling me a Nazi because that is who supported Hitler. Indeed, the National Review was quite explicit in March when they called him "Father Fuhrer" and portrayed his supporters in rural white America (where I live) as whelping their children with all the wisdom of a stray dog. I'm tired of linking that cruddy story.

I have noticed a few things about those who call me Nazi.